4 Benefits of Smart Locks for Hotels

Smart locks offer a host of benefits over traditional, mechanical key locks. Aside from being a more secure way to manage access and make a good first impression for guests, smart locks give hoteliers greater control of their properties from anywhere.

1. No more lost keys
Say goodbye to lockboxes and impromptu key handoffs or replacements. Smart locks enable hoteliers to leverage unique, self-expiring access codes for each guest that only works for the duration of their stay.

Guests can use the same access code to access their room as well as shared amenity spaces such as a swimming pool, gym, or business centre. Guests never have to deal with the frustration of being locked out — and hoteliers can rest easy with the added security of trackable history.

2. Save time and reduce expenses
Integrating RemoteLock and RoomRaccoon allows hoteliers to automatically generate self-expiring access codes for each guest, and remotely manage access for all users.

That means guests no longer have to stop at the front desk for check-in — a convenience for the guest and a huge time saver for staff. In fact, some hoteliers have been able to completely eliminate the need for a staffed front desk, freeing up their staff to take care of other essential needs for guests.

3. Provide a completely contactless experience
Hoteliers can streamline check-in and check-out, and promote personal safety by limiting contact with their guests. Guests can receive their access code in advance and go straight to their rooms without visiting the front desk.

4. Easy access control from anywhere
Smart locks give hoteliers control over who can access their properties and when from anywhere. Hoteliers are empowered to be responsive when guests cancel or extend their stay.